A. Profile
heyy i'm rami or vee!! C i go by any prns n sea/buns 16 minor unlabeled omni asian filo enfp 2w3!
links: twt instagram dc server curious catB. I Love
ensemble stars, angst, bunnies, txt, nobles, ra*bkub, experts, buncha lads, soobsfqiry!! C

C. Before You Interact
(1.) kind of? selective interactions (2.) not on any subtwt (3.) i rant insanely on faves a bit (4.) i use mikas quirk speech smtimes (5.) goes inactive a lot (6.) i ghost when im uncomfortable (dont worry! if i havent replied im probably asleep or smth) (7.) I might be a bit annoying (8.) I use tonetags a lot!
D. Do Not Interact
(1.) basic dni criteria (2.) doesnt respect neoprns (3.) hating/being weird on my faves (4.) okay/tolerates incest (5.) purposely misgenders people (6.) izmk, reikoga liker. [7.] im okay with 18-20+ just not higher than 28+ (if you are already my mutual u have an exception just please dont be weird) once i find out u follow me be u will be hardblocked
E. Notes
cr hourlyriti! this was made by velsjjun as of 2022, please do not ask the owner of the neocities how this was made; only making these 4 friends!

F. Music
txt, red velvet, twice, enhypen, kep1er, loona, svt, ive, billlie j
G. Media
enstars, pjsekai, i7, hypmic, a3!, mhyk, helios, twst, omori
H. Ults of Ults
txt beomgyu, huening kai, enhypen sunoo, rv seulgi, kep1er bahiyyih, twice momo, nayeon, ive wonyoung, moon sua billlie

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